At HRT, we can perform all necessary machining operations to prepare engine parts for a quality rebuild. Every part is subjected to a thorough cleaning and inspection process to ensure a reliable finished product.

Inspection Methods Offered:

  • Magnaflux particle crack detection
  • Dye penetrant crack detection
  • Wet submerged pressure testing
  • Vacuum seal testing
  • Core Sonic testing

Parts are then measured for wear or fatigue and to ensure finished product will be within acceptable recommended maximum tolerance range

We can bore cylinders to correct crank and cylinder bank angle. Then we can finish hone cylinders to proper clearance and finish using plateau hone techniques and torque simulator plates.

Block main bearing journals are checked for straightness and roundness and can be align honed to restore proper dimensions.

Block deck surfaces can be milled to restore flatness and proper Ra smoothness. Surfaces can be milled parallel to the crankshaft and cylinder bank angles using the BHJ-LOK-TRU Blueprinting fixture on our CBN/PCD surface cutting mill.

After all inspections and testing have been performed the finish machine work can begin. We will not attempt to impress you with a long list of each task we can perform or pictures and list of all our machines and equipment. Instead we will just say that if you need a job done, we have the right equipment and the experience to get it done right.

Your finished work, whether you are building your own engine or having it professionally blueprinted and assembled by us, will be straight, true, parallel and of the highest quality.

We will mention some of the special services we provide for our customers.

  • Cylinder head porting and polishing
  • Manifold porting and polishing
  • Block cylinder notching
  • Stroker block clearancing
  • Bellhousing truing
  • Lightening operations
  • Aluminum crack repairs and welding
  • Flow testing