ONLY $3350 including core!!!!!

Our long blocks are complete from valve cover to oil pan. Our KA24DE turbo crate motor is built to hold around 400-450 whp with options to handle additional horsepower if needed. The motor includes the oil pan, valve cover, front covers, new timing set, head with cams, and block with all internals included Wiseco forged pistons and ARP rod bolts and ARP head studs. We use OEM tensioners with new metal backed guides, new chains, and all new sprockets in our timing package. We check the oil pump closely and rebuild or replace as necessary. The oil pumps on these motors have a reputation for losing oil pressure at a high mileage due to wearing groves into the front or back oil pump cover or both along with wearing out the oil pump gears. If the oil pump has worn grooves into the front cover, then the entire front cover and oil pump is replaced.

All components are completely torn down, inspected and cleaned in our vats. The head and block are then checked for cracks and cylinder wear. If the block or head is excessively worn, it won't be used on our performance build. We expect our blocks to clean up with a .020 over bore and we won't go beyond that with our turbo crate. The block is bored and finished with a hone that is cross hatched to the piston manufacturers recommendations on finish and clearances. We then deck the block with the front cover to smooth mirror like finish. The block and covers are then thoroughly washed again in our vats and finished with hand washing before final assembly.

The head is resurfaced to the same mirror like finish with the front upper cover attached to maintain surface continuity. All valves, springs, and guides are checked and replaced as necessary. The head is once again cleaned before moving to the assembly process. We utilize a performance 3 angle valve job before re-assembling the head. Each head is assembled and the valves adjusted before bolting the heads to the block with ARP head studs.

The crank is micro-polished (we don't recommend grinding a KA crank being utilized for high hp applications). We balance the rotating assembly and then proceed to put together the bottom end. We do not use plasti-gauge!! Each component is clearanced using micrometers for more accurate measurements. We will not use Clevite bearings in our build since we have found that they do not have adequate thrust clearances and the rod bearing clearances are usually too loose for our preferences. We normally use ACL bearings, but also have utilized King and Sealed Power bearings to achieve the proper fit. Each rod is reconditioned and re-fitted with ARP rod bolts. The rods are balanced individually to the lightest rod and the same process is used for the pistons before finally spin balancing the crank.

We utilize a complete Fel-Pro gasket in our assembly process and install new freeze plugs during the assembly process. Any of the extra gaskets are re-boxed and sent with the engine.

The entire engine is painted your choice of colors. We normally leave the head and front covers aluminum and suggest that we paint the oil pan black.

We also have the following options available:

  • $40 -10 AN oil bung
  • $350 Eagle rods
  • $375 Brian Crower V2 cams
  • $375 Brian Crower V3 cams (plus $50 machining/clearancing)
  • $425 Brian Crower springs, retainers, seats
  • $295 Brian Crower valves
  • $1150 Ferrea valves, springs, retainers, locks
  • $250 Machine and install inserts for 11 mm head studs
  • $110 Cometic MLS head gasket
  • $140 Stage I port and polish
  • $230 Stage II port and polish
  • $350 Stage III port and polish

Stage I is a basic valve bowl blending all the way up to the bottom-most angle of the 3 angle valve job.

Stage II adds a port match of the intake and exhaust about 1-1.5" down into the port.

Stage III is a complete port and polish job of the entire intake and exhaust ports.

For most street cars, the biggest gain comes from the Stage I, with Stage II being a slightly larger gain and overall the most popular choice.